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Getting back to yoga at Congleton Iyengar Yoga Centre


Please read these precautions before attending a class, a PDF you can print can be downloaded here which will open in a new window.

DO NOT COME to class if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

Come changed ready for yoga. Due to opening the new windows for improved air flow you may need extra clothing layers e.g. track suit top, socks etc. Bring your own mat and equipment, a belt, foam pads and a blanket (or large towel).

Classes for a maximum of 8 people will generally be one hour long to allow more time between classes. Teachers will not be making any physical adjustments.

To minimise use of the changing room and toilet, please use your own toilet facilities before coming to class. It may seem a bit OTT but let’s keep risks to a minimum as much as we can.

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the class start time, if you are early please wait in your car.


Entering the Centre


All doors will be propped open so you don’t need to touch handles.

Wear a face mask or face covering in the entrance hall and changing room, you may take the mask/covering off for class and place it in your bag.

Check your temperature on coming into the Centre using the wall mounted scanner. Sanitise your hands on entry.

Observe social distancing as marked out in the entrance hall. Wait your turn to enter the studio changing room.

Only 1 person in the changing room at a time.


Entering the studio


Take your bag and props with you and carefully place your shoes on the shoe rack. No shoes to be worn in the studio.

In the studio use the marked-out walkway to one of yoga mat areas filling the places from the back, the teacher will tell you which space should be used and will take a register for Track and Trace purposes.

Place your bag and props in your marked out mat area, place your face mask folded into your bag and NOT ON THE FLOOR. You can also place your coat/jacket and personal belongings in your bag.

Should you need to use the toilet during class use the marked-out walkway to maintain social distancing. Wash hands and use the paper towels, provided in the toilet, to dry them.

Hand sanitisers are also available in the changing room and toilet.

Studio mat areas  



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After Class


Leave one by one starting from the places nearest the door as directed by your teacher.

Carefully retrieve your shoes from the rack, sanitise your hands and leave the Centre promptly to allow the next person to exit.

The teacher will:
Wipe down any studio equipment (chairs) that has been used.

The studio floor will be cleaned after each class and surfaces wiped down.

Changing room and toilet surfaces will be cleaned after each class.


Please read these precautions before attending a class, a PDF you can print can be downloaded here which will open in a new window.